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Mirrors for a good Feng Shui design


Mirror is one of the most powerful feng shui cures. It represents water element. It´s important to place them in a correct bagua sector to get great benefits to our lives.

Mirrors bring the energy of the water element, and this element has a regenerator and renovator huge potential. It´s quiet on the surface, and has a deep power of movement under it.

You can freely use the mirrors in the EAST, SOUTHEAST, and NORTH sectors.

In small spaces, mirrors are frequently used to give amplitude and create more light.

In stressful environment, the correct use of a mirror in the right bagua sector, will give you more harmonious spaces, and the Chi will flow in a goog way.use of a mirror feng shui

  • Best Bagua areas to have a mirror
    • North: Career and Path of Life
    • Southeast: Abundance and Wealth
    • East: Family and health.
  • Feng Shui areas to avoid a mirror:
    • South: Fame.
    • Facing the main door.
    • Facing your bed.
    • Facing other mirror.

It´s important to avoid mirrors that cuts part of the body, head for example. And if a mirror got broken, it´s better to get rid of it.

If you use mirrors wisely, you´ll get great benefits in living spaces.


Written by:
Viviana Cordero | Architecture and Feng Shui
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